MAY 2017


We are well into this season of Easter. Spring! New life of all kinds!

Life with our new in-house neighbors, Emanuel Chin Baptist Church, is great! We have been graced by the sounds of their worship and music and their many young people of all ages. We look forward to joint worship services with our Chin friends all throughout this year whenever there is a fifth Sunday in the month.

I am eager to start an adult study hour following worship. There are different things which we could try in terms of educational or spiritual growth worthiness. One idea is to continue conversation based on the morning's sermon. It would be great to get feedback and questions and what we called in seminary, "push-back." We might start something called a "Topical Adult Forum" which consists of a presentation of any given topic of interest and how the topic and the presenter's faith and life are connected.

HAS, our weekly after school program, comes to a close for the school year on Wednesday, the 10th. The building has been alive with the sounds of middle school students every early our Wednesday for months now. We have been blessed to host, entertain, teach and feed anywhere from 7 to 20 plus kids from week to week. We have witnessed young hearts learning about Jesus as well as some accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The program will close with what we hope will become an annual end of year celebration. I look forward to HAS and Pastor Philip Herman of Highland Park Community Church returning for another year of programming in the fall.

I think it would be a terrific spring activity for all of us in the family of HOLC to set our sights on a small membership drive. If every member can recall one person or family who used to attend HPLC in the past, we can compile a list of these names for the purpose of inviting them back to worship for a one-time special event. If we take the time to plant some seeds in some good ground, we might be very blessed by the new crop our wonderful God could grow for us.

How is Spring inspiring you? Let me know what new and exciting things you would enjoy doing or see take place at HPLC. I look forward to hearing your ideas. As always, I am your devoted pastor, Patti. /

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