March 31st, 2019

Read: JOHN 21:1-11 & PSALM 96

Seventh Sunday After The Epiphany

"[Peter] hauled the net ashore, full of large fish, 153 of them." (JOHN 21:11)


          Darryl Graham is one of the toughest cowboys you'll ever meet. When he broke his hip, he wouldn't let anyone call for help until he finished his trail ride. He teaches ESL at our International Friendship Center. Tears form in his eyes when he speaks of his students, his family. Although his students were born in various nations, Darryl sees them as his children and family.

          Disciples went fishing and had nothing to show for their labors. Only through Christ's Word did they have success. Are you working too hard to bring people to faith? It's not your job. The Word alone is sufficient for the Holy Spirit to instill faith and share the victorious labors of Christ. I know a tough cowboy who will be the first to confess that this is how his dear family was formed from many nations.

          The Greek Church Fathers concluded that the specific number of fish that were caught (153) teaches that souls will be drawn into the Gospel from every single ethnicity on earth through Christ's Word. And John sees this in the innumerable host gathered around God and the Lamb.

"Lord, our labors will have nothing to show without You. Thank You for allowing us to share the joy of Your eternal labors through Your eternal Word for all to be part of Your eternal family." Amen!

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