August 12th, 2018

Read: ACTS 7:44-50 & PSALM 51:10-19

Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost

"Yet the Most High does not dwell in houses made by hands." (ACTS 7:48)


"If I went to church, the roof would cave in." I think it's pretty much only the people who say things like this who actually still think God lives at the church's specific address. We tend in the other direction: because religion is such a personal thing, it must be spiritual. And if it's entirely spiritual, then God must be too. And if God is spiritual, then He certainly isn't going to attach Himself to anything Earthly and material. The "spiritual" answer to the question of where God dwells becomes "in your heart."

And while God does dwell in the heart of the believer, the answer is only half true, because it glosses over the fact that there's only one God. He isn't just your God in your heart - He's my God too. And if you need to find Him, I can't honestly recommend knocking on the door of either our of hearts. An empty church building isn't the answer either. God dwells in His Word. Where His Word is proclaimed in its truth and purity - that's where you find God. And because of that, any building can become God's home and the most beautiful church. It can be a living room, a converted gas station, or a two-hundred-year-old building of stone, brick, and colored windows. The real beauty is when God dwells there with His Gospel.

"Lord Jesus, preserve Your Word for us, and call us back to where You dwell.Amen!

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