January 21st, 2018

Read: JEREMIAH 1:4-12 & PSALM 71

Third Sunday After Epiphany

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations." (JEREMIAH 1:5)


Jeremiah was individually formed. God knew Jeremiah and that He would call him to service even before his life began in the womb. Jeremiah was uniquely called as a prophet, but there was no uniqueness in God's forming him.

God creates and gives life to all beings. As he formed Adam from dust, He formed each of us in our mother's womb. While He formed us, He knew us. He knew even the sin that was ours at that moment of conception. Nevertheless, He loved us. He still formed us as His creation. He brought forth our life.

God formed life again by water and Word in Baptism. In the font, He buried us and raised life in Christ. He marked us as His own. Daily, as sin is confessed, Christ forms us anew in forgiveness.

The life God formed in the womb is a life He has prepared for eternity. He knew us before He formed us. He knows us each day of our lives. On account of Christ, He will know us for all eternity; for He has individually for us for His Kingdom.

Lord of life, thank You for the life You have given me and for new life through your Son. Amen!

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