January 6th, 2018

Read: MATTHEW 2:1-12 & PSALM 111:10

Epiphany of Our Lord Sunday

"Behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem." (MATTHEW 2:1)


When God uses the word BEHOLD in His Word, it's to alert us that something incredible or wonderful is coming or about to be revealed, as with the Wise Men in today's verse.

Why were they called wise? Because their wisdom was trusting God's Word. What's our wisdom based on? Are we like Herod, who knew God's will, yet tried to stop it? Not very wise. Or are we more like the religious leaders, their fear of what others might think about them? Again, no wise. God's Law has given us an epiphany of how shallow our leadership with Him has been. But His Gospel leads us to Christ in much the same way the Wise Men were led to Him.

Born to woman, yet without sin, Christ's perfect like and sacrifice washed away our sin, making us worthy to reign with Him in Heaven. Even more astounding is that through trust in the merits of the Christ Child.

We rejoice that the Holy Spirit leads us and enlightens us in the true faith, so that we, too, wisely point the Christ out to others.

"Lord, grant me Your wisdom this day as I share Your incredible love.Amen!

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