March 4th, 2018

Read: LUKE 13:6-9 & PSALM 92

Third Sunday In Lent

"And he answered him, "Sir, let it alone this year also, until I dig around it and put on manure." (LUKE 13:8)


By frequently comparing His Church to a vineyard (Isaiah 5:1-7; Jeremiah 8:13; Hosea 9:10; Micah 7:1; John 15:1-11), God wants each of us to think of ourselves as a green plant, such as a fig tree, growing safely behind the vineyard wall and under the vinedresser's daily care.

In His parable of the barren fig tree (Luke 13:6-9), Jesus plays the role of vinedresser who advocates for a barren, fruitless fig tree, promising to prune and fertilize the tree so the it may produce a good crop.

The vinedresser will "dig around it." Perhaps we should think of our everyday difficulties as our Lord's act of digging around us, trimming the root of a tree, Jesus wants us to know that His Word, His Baptism, and His Holy Communion likewise fertilize us so that we may bear good fruit.

Because Christians are "the planting of the Lord" (Isaiah 61:3), we know that we are safe and secure. We live behind the strong wall in the vineyard of God's holy and eternal Church, under the attentive care of Jesus, our vinedresser. He faithfully works hard for us, making certain we bear fruit.

Continue to care for me, Lord, that I may bear fruit by faith. Amen!

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